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Thursday, November 28

Christmas Patterns - CROCHET QUICK AND FUN

post by [Amy J] at 2:24 PM

Wednesday, November 27

Bookmarked pages I thought were neat for this time of year.

Blessing Snack Mix Recipes

Journal Jars

Snowman Soup

LMAO I like this one:
Reindeer Poop

post by [Amy J] at 12:00 PM

Thursday, November 21

Hearts Around Doily
Isn't this doily so cute. I think I'll make a matching pair for my daughters room!

post by [Amy J] at 2:53 PM

Wow the crochet group I'm in is just great Sandy wrote me with some patterns already a friend wrote that was looking for. How cute I have to make one! Links are below
Crochet Partners Pattern Library - Christmas Tree
Another Crocheted Christmas Tree
The last site you have to click on crochet.. special occasions and has a cute little white xmas tree!

post by [Amy J] at 2:47 PM

Crochet Swan Centres
This was a neat Doily posted in the group I'm in.. so different I just love the swans!

post by [Amy J] at 2:32 AM

Wednesday, November 20

I"ve made 14 snowflakes today and last night. Now the not so fun part of blocking and starching them all, but they are so pretty don't have any idea what I'm going to do with them yet.. Any suggestions anyone?

post by [Amy J] at 9:17 PM

Tuesday, November 19

Megans Law

post by [Amy J] at 2:42 PM

OK A couple days off yet, I spent yesterday just cleaning and doing all the household stuff so I can relax a little more these 2 days! I don't know what to start now for a crochet project I should make some Xmas presents. I liked making that Xmas doily maybe I'll make another. I'll just page thru some of my magazines and booklets I think and choose something or get back to work on some more snowflakes!

I added a new pictures on the photo page of the Xmas doily I made. I have to scan the backpacks I crocheted sometime. There is a lot of things I don't scan that I should! It's a beautiful day out I even have a window cracked open.

post by [Amy J] at 11:22 AM

Thursday, November 14

I wanted to share the pattern where I got the candy cane patterns here at Crochet Memories she emailed me the patterns and they had pictures and so easy to read instructions! I made another candycane one this morning. After I get some Candycanes I'll scan them to show off!

post by [Amy J] at 11:55 AM

I am almost done with my Chritmas Doily i started last week it's so pretty the 40 flowers around it take forever and I am getting a little bored with them I have 23 done and for a break tonight I crocheted a lacy candycane cover I bought the patterns online so pretty and had to try one of the 4 2nite! Now I have to buy some candycanes!

post by [Amy J] at 1:15 AM

Wednesday, November 13

I also have a hobby of hand stamping cards and things. I started a website with pictures of some of the cards I've made. I have a few pages done already and almost done with the rest you can visit by CLICKING HERE at Amy's Stamping Page

post by [Amy J] at 3:41 AM

I'm so ready to quit my crochet projects for Christmas and just buy things for people. I'm just not having the time to crochet.. at least not everything I wanted too. I'm having too much fun crocheting new things I find. Like this awesome doily I found in a magazine. It has 5 small tress around the center and 40 small red flowers along the outside. I'll be sure to scan it once I am done cuz it's so pretty I'd love to keep this for myself as I have never before.. but I'll just wait and see. I'm sure someone will see it before then and ask for it.. or I'll add it to someone's gift like I always do!

I have the doily done cept for the flowers I'm on flower #8 right now. so 32 to go sure i'll finish it up tonight once the kids go to bed I'm free since everything else in the house is done! YEAH! I have my puffy for this months granny square exchange done too just gotta mail it off!

post by [Amy J] at 1:55 AM

Tuesday, November 5

VOTE I have to do this today! I finished my Curtain tieback I crocheted last night with thread with a mint green and white colors I still need the ribbon to thread thru then of course new curtains! hehe..

I made some snowflakes again last night seems like this time of year I love to make these. My Goal is to make all 101 out of my 101 snowflakes book I'm on #14 as of last night! Wouldn't that be fun! I also have the 99 snowflakes book and 2 other patterns booklets with snowflakes to do as well!

post by [Amy J] at 2:15 PM

Making Friends and Other Crafts for Kids
This website looks fun for different crafts and patterns had to blog it!

post by [Amy J] at 2:04 PM

Monday, November 4

next 3 days off work! I have a lot to do around the house. Well not that much but still things to do. I want to get a start on stamping my christmas cards but still need a ton of time to crochet all these Christmas gifts I want to make. So much I want to do so little time as always! Make a goal for my 3 days off at least it gives me something to look forward to or think I may have some quiet time to my self to crochet:) :) :)
~ Finish up the Thread Curtain TieBacks
~ Cut and sew together another Teddy
~ Mail out my Puffy for this months Granny Square exchange!
~ Crochet some Snowflakes
~ Make a few more makeup bags

OK shooting high again but it's a nice thought to do all that! I don't ever make snowflakes in the summer/spring,, but ever year about this time I get the itch to start making some. I'm sure the season has something to do with that! Last year I bought a new book 99 snowflakes. I bought the 101 snowflakes 6 years ago and just love it but havn't made any out of my new book yet. Wouldn't it be so fun to make all 99 of them! hehe haha..

post by [Amy J] at 2:48 AM

Saturday, November 2

I've been buying crochet magazines in the grocery store the past 6 months when I see them. I just love the Crochet Magic, and Decorative Crochet mags. They have such a great variaty of things to crochet and make mainly with thread my real love and fun to get such a wide varaity of things to make!

Wednesday night I made a bunch of lucky penny holders I found pennies with the years my kids were born the shinniest I could find and made them for them & a few extras with this year! So pretty I made the yellow ones with the ribbon thread thru tied with a bow on top!

I hope to get my Links updated I have it almost done and ready to pop online just no time on the weekends! Last night I started crocheting some pretty curtain tie backs, they are crocheted with thread and you can weave ribbon thru it and use to tie back your curtains! Pretty easy pattern and goes fast I have one almost done & did that in about an hour or so! I'll take pictures or scan when I'm done!

post by [Amy J] at 2:45 AM

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