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Wednesday, October 30


post by [Amy J] at 12:58 PM

Going to crochet somethings 2night me & my oldest son have a movie date in our living room since he doesn't have school tommorrow I'm scoping out crochet sites now to find something new! I'll probably link them here.
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post by [Amy J] at 11:25 AM

Thursday, October 24

Last night I spend 2 hours stamping Halloween bags of candy for co-workers and kids I know special! I also crochet a 1/2 of sachet! I tried using a different look and used a varigated green thread kinda pretty wonder what it will look like all together! I have lots to do in next 2 months and i'm not feeling in the mood to get busy and do it! Still waiting for my puffy this month so excited I'll have enuf squares now for 3 rows and plan on starting to sew them together! YEAH

post by [Amy J] at 1:29 PM

Wednesday, October 23

This link Crochet & Craft Link Index is still by far my most favorite place to go online for free patterns! I just love it! I made 4 other granny squares last night for the winter month exchanges and i made 2 small like makeup sachet bags too! I think I'll make all the ladies at work a bag and fill it with some goodies for christmas it only takes about an hour to make one and I'm sure i can find a few smaller things to put inside ! I always like to make homemade gifts for people.

Last week I sewed together and combed out the Yellow Teddy that I made for my mom. Im not happy with it for some reason I didn't stuff the head/body tight enough so it's really flexable. and the body is too long??? Humm not sure about this. I still have the blue to sew and the rainbow one to comb & sew yet! But I don't think i'll get to that this week maybe next.

I'm making some sachets now and a few bookmarkers. I usually only do the granny square exchange. I know i've done the doily exchange, potholder and the snowflake exchanges before but I'd like to try the sachet and bookmark one this next month.

post by [Amy J] at 12:19 PM

Tuesday, October 15

NO TIME:( to crochet at all the past 2 weeks. But have most stuff done around the house so It looks like my night off tommorrow I'll hopefully be able to catch up on some recorded shows and make my squares for this months exchange and hopefully start in on some more Christmas projects too!

post by [Amy J] at 12:38 AM

Thursday, October 3

I Just love the Hello Kitty Backpack that I made so glad I found that pattern and my 3 year old daughter loves it too:) I almost wish I could make one for myself but how funny would that look? Hehe so anyways I started another pattern a Shell Purse for myself. I started it last night I wish I had more colors to choose from but again I'm making this with cotton too. I love the feel of cotton and something different to crochet with.

2 1/2 months until Christmas I Know I know, I shouldn't be crocheting myself a purse with so much to crochet before Christmas but oh well. I do need to get busy and make this months granny squares too but they don't take too much time I'll work on that next Monday Night.

post by [Amy J] at 1:44 PM

Wednesday, October 2

Last week I made a littel purse/tote for Cassie and all her play clothes and jewelry so looking Last night trying to find a new pattern and came accross this awesome site will tons of purses Daphne's Bags has a lot of crocheted purses or every kind and the Cuties Hello Kitty purses totes and backpacks but no patterns:( So I was on the hunt for pattern for the Hello Kitty and came accross this one a Hello Kitty Backpack and watched a movie and made most of it last night. I still have the hand strings and eyes and nose to make but almost done and it's so cute. I used Sugars & Cremes cotton for a different feel rather than WW Yarn.

I so wish this town had a yarn store. All i can find is Red Heart worsted weight yarn and 4 colors of cotton. and a few shades of Red Heart Soft. Nothing else. No nylon or acrylic or anything fun or new. I think I'm going to start ordering more off line.

Well I'm off to start some dinner. Signed up for this months granny square exchange. I think I'll sit and make those tonight. Nice 3 days off this week got a lot done around the house as well.

post by [Amy J] at 12:27 PM

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