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Monday, September 23

I made an online quiz about me try and take it!

Take my Quiz on!

post by [Amy J] at 3:35 PM

My Journal of My Kids is now up and running so you can visit if you'd like. It's My Daughters 3rd Birthday today happy Birthday Cassandra.

I went to the grocery store today and bought a Crochet Magic Magazine. It has some Christmas ideas and patterns in there and some really neat things I hope to get to make soon. But yes I am not going to start anything yet until my Xmas gifts are done. I have to keep telling myself that. So hard to keep crocheting away at the same ole things specially when I get a bunch of new ideas...

post by [Amy J] at 2:57 PM

Friday, September 20

No Time to crochet for the next few days now that I have to work. I am happy that I got what I made done:) I had to work til 2am last night so I won't be adding my new crochet photos until Monday now.

post by [Amy J] at 11:41 AM

Thursday, September 19

Wow I'm so happy I made 3 more towel toppers tonight so only one to go but thinking of I may make a few extra for those last minutes gifts as well. They are fun to make not so hard you have to stare at your work or count alot or anything like a barbie dress made with sequins and thread.. hehe.. Anyways I scanned a few of them and will be adding in my photos probably friday! Getting my goals done for once. Watched a funny movie tonight so time went fast.

post by [Amy J] at 2:38 AM

Wednesday, September 18

Last night I made 3 towel toppers for xmas gifts. I made two flower toppers and 1 butterfly topper. They went pretty fast I think I'll make a few more tonight or I hope.

post by [Amy J] at 2:40 PM

Sunday, September 15

OK My Posts are posting to the wrong weblogs the friday five below is for my other journal but oh well I can't get it off for some reason. I worked on my crochet goals for christmas the other night thinking who's going to get what! Here is my goals and list:
8 Towel Toppers
2 Hotpads
2 Large Dolies
2 Smaller Doilies
7 Fuzzy Teddy Bears
2 Embrodered Pillow Cases with Crocheted Lace Edgings
2 Barbie outfits
1 Bed Doll
6 Granny Squares
2 angel dish cloths
1 Afghan

Whoa.. that's a lot now that I really look at it. So for September being 1/2 over and still busy in the yard and garden and birthdays this month I think I'll set this months goals low. I know tonight I have 1st sunday off in 9 months so I'm renting a movie and think I'll work on granny squares and start a Doily or something.

post by [Amy J] at 1:41 PM

Friday, September 13

OK surfin the web yet I came accross the CNN site. OK this happened on 9/11.
Click Here for the Page

Here is the Headline:
ALBANY, New York (AP) -- Officials say it was just a coincidence, but many people found it chilling nonetheless: On the anniversary of September 11, the winning numbers in the New York lottery were 9-1-1.

How Bizzare - huh

post by [Amy J] at 1:09 AM

Wednesday, September 4

Hi Everyone My DH has been dove hunting everyday and night since sunday so i have to go soon to bake these little things. They are good and oh I better go kids all wrapped up in blanket

post by [Amy J] at 1:11 PM

Tuesday, September 3

Check again because I can't get my blogger box to pop up correctly

post by [Amy J] at 10:59 AM

Monday, September 2

Hi:) Just surfing around the net for new patterns My Favorite place for links is here Crochet & Craft Link Index. She has lots of links to hundreds of patterns and they are all catorgorized so nice. I printed out a few new granny square patterns. Think i'll have some time my next 3 nights off to get something done or so I hope. Nite

post by [Amy J] at 9:46 PM

Sunday, September 1

Heres a picture of a teddy I made last winter . I'm currently working on 3 new ones in 3 different colors. Blue, Yellow and Rainbow!

post by [Amy J] at 2:24 PM

What I made in August:

- 9inch Doilie
- All Parts for 3 New Teddy Bears
- 3 Granny Squares
- Barbie Skirt/Pants and halter top
- 1 Towel Topper

Wow I sure didn't get that much done. But it's summer! I'll be posting my goals for this month soon!

post by [Amy J] at 2:21 PM

Hi busy weekend no time to crochet did sign up for for the granny square exchange for September. Can't get enough squares hehehe:) Been peeking thru websites for new granny square patterns so this week I hope to be able to sit down and crochet a few for this months exchange. Still trying to get my Xmas to do list done started one the other night but didn't get far. Have so many things I want to make, by having a list hopefully it will help me focus on what I need to get done. Well off to work in an hour so better go!

post by [Amy J] at 2:16 PM

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