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Welcome to My Journal! My entries will tell a little about me and my life as well as my crochet projects and pictures of some of the things I've made or recived.

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Friday, August 30

Hi:) Holiday weekend coming up so I'm sure i'll be too busy at work and home to crochet and my past 3 days off I did't get any projects done:( My aunt called today asking about a teddy she wanted for her birthday this past June I told her she's on my list after the other 10 I still have to make a head of hers. I just have to think some people just don't realize that they take me forever. I just told her I can't make any promises but she's on my list! :p

Busy updating a new webpage for my brothers band the mullendhalies I hope to have it up this saturday for their website. I think I'll just take a break this weekend from much and enjoy the kids and summer and snuggle in at night instead of crocheting this weekend so their probably won't be much for news for a few days! Until then Happy Crocheting to all my friends!

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Wednesday, August 28

I worked on combing out some pieces of my teddies earlier today it's a long process... longer than the crocheting part I think. I am in process of thinking Christmas gifts. I think making a list or people and things is next on my to do before I actuall sit and crochet. That way I'll have some goals set and then it's easier to make that way. Last year I had planned on making all my aunts potholders and crocheted towel toppers but didn't so I know that's a idea! I Like the afghan stitch with cotton yarn for dish cloths they really work good for me at least. Well kids are napping now so better get some housework done today so I can maybe sit tonight and enjoy the nice summer nights before winter sets in.

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Just an update for the page.. finally transfered everything from Geocities over to Tripod so all the archives are now working and hopefully all the pages as well too! I hope to update more pictures of things I've made this summer soon as well! Be sure to peek at my Virtual Afghan so many beautiful squares I have received! Nite

post by [Amy J] at 2:51 AM

Hi Visit My New Page My Virtual Afghan from At My House Exchanges I just put it together tonight. I have scanned all 16 squares I have received so far from the granny square exchange and put them together in a virtual afghan! They are all so pretty & I love to show it off. I have a total of 16 now from the past 9 months I think I will start crocheting some of them together now to start my friendship afghan!

Not too much new went to walmart tonight and found some yarn for 2 more fuzzy teddies I am going to make. Two shades of purple and 2 of green. I have so many people that want me to make them teddies and bunnies it's crazy. Everyone expects that I give them one for their birthday or Christmas but what they don't realize is that they take a lot of time and some people just think I can whip one out in an hour or something I think. Not just with the teddies but someone brought me picture over of a tablecloth made of thread over and wanted me to make that for them. I don't know maybe I'm not a mile a minute crocheter but it would take me years to make a thread tablecloth.

I have all the parts for a blue teddy, a yellow teddy and a rainbow teddy done already & they are all cut but still need to be combed and I still have to sew all the parts together. But My Son wants the rainbow one and My Step daughter the blue, my other step daughter wants a green one. I made the yellow one for my mom and the purple one for who knows but sure it will find a home! My baby needs one yet maybe he'll be lucky enough to get the purple one! I made Cassie my daughter a Bunny she loves her!

Well I sopose I better get going! I'll write more soon!

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Tuesday, August 20

Hi:) Wow just a crazy busy summer here with so much going on and doing so much and all the kids things i havn't had any time to be online to update anything or do much crocheting either. But that's OK I still managed a few doilies and teddy bears and granny square over the past few months but Now I have Christmas and a couple birthdays coming up to look forward to completing in time for those events.

I sopose a goal list will maybe help me get started on some more important projects. Well gotta go for now will write more later.

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