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Welcome to My Journal! My entries will tell a little about me and my life as well as my crochet projects and pictures of some of the things I've made or recived.

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Tuesday, March 26

Hi:) I receved 2 new patterns from Paradise Dolls last week. I ordered the kit for the Rose Flapper how cute can't wait to get it but still working away at the Engagement Gown which i'm still working on panel #2 or 14. I havn't had any time to crochet the past week both my babies have had colds as well as me and Zach is cutting teeth and not feeling so happy. His top front popped thru last night. Going to work on my granny square for April now! Nite

post by [Amy J] at 11:37 PM

Thursday, March 21

Hi:) I've been so sick past 3 days with a cold:( My 3 days off and I'm sick.. I have been busy working on the Sequenced Gown for my Paradise Doll ... 1 panel of 14 done:) It's not hard to do this pattern but more time consuming stringing on the sequence and crocheting them in. Can't wait to get her done but sure it will be a while.

I sent out my Puffy to Celia my exchange partner this month for the Granny Square exchange! I also updated my exchanges received page with photo's from my most recent ones!

post by [Amy J] at 12:59 AM

Friday, March 15

Wow it's been a long time since I've wrote in my Journal but I'm going to try and keep up again now that life has kinda organized itself out again. Been so crazy busy with Josh's wrestling and working I havn't had much time to be online or even sit and crochet. But don't think all that has stopped me. I still try and squeeze in a movie late night once a week and crochet a bit. I bought a Paradise Doll pattern a few weeks ago the "Jeweled Engagment Gown" It has 15,000 sequence on it and over 2100 beads and it's beautiful in the picture & I'll currently working on the panels of the skirt. Sure it will take forever but I'm going to finish it sometime!

The hardest part so far is finding the materials I needed for the dress I ended up ordering the beads from online and the beads and sequence from Annie's attic after hitting 10 some craft stores here in town and in watertown and sioux falls. Not even Michaels or the Hobbie Lobby had the beads I needed I was so bummed but then found them online after hours of serching so finally I have everything I need to complete the dress as well!

I'm in the granny square exchange this month again fo the crochet club I am in. Well I better get going I'll write soon

post by [Amy J] at 1:32 PM

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