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Saturday, December 29

Hello & Happy Holidays!

I Had a wonderful Christmas! Working so much latley looking forward to some slower times to sit and pop in a good movie and pick up my hook. I finished up another fuzzy blue teddy the other day I'm still in love and ordered another 3 patterns from Up North Crochet . One of a larger 30 inch bear and a smaller one again and the kitty design. Started in on the kitty yesterday and have the head and body done. Can't wait to see how this one turns out.

Joined in on some more exchange for January I'm so looking forward to was so fun in November to exchange and see all the wonderful things people make. I really don't know one other person personally that crochets. Kinda makes it hard too as everyone I know wants a bear now but they don't realize the work that goes into crocheting and time At least for me it takes more time. Funny thing is I have nothing in my house I've even really made besides some older afghans I made when I first started crocheting. Guess I have too much fun giving my stuff away! I Did keep a kitchen towel topper for myself this year and a few snowflakes~

Upcoming Projects of Mine: (Goals)
~Finish up the kitty
~Couple Snowflakes
~Granny Squares at least 2

OK These are things on a more higher priority or that I want to do but I'm not setting a time because who knows right! Well off to bed late night with work and all. Nite :)

post by [Amy J] at 3:14 AM

Sunday, December 23

Hi:) Christmas is coming! & I'm never going to get everything I wanted to get done in time for Christmas this time. With the new job it's just impossiable to work and kids and stuff but that's OK:) I still got a lot done I know I'm a goal setting nut but won't be setting any for this week of Christmas.

My Cousin stopped over and I showed him my bunny and pictures of the blue bear and he's already ordered to get one from me for his girlfriend and loves it too.. Cute:) So told him to pay for materials and I'll make etc... Would love to whip out 10 more for people hehehe .. there I go with my high goals:)

Well Late had to work tonight again snowy awful out wind gusts to 40mph and on the drive home I had to stop a few times because of the white outs was crazy shouldn't have drove but din't want to be stranded down at the lake either hehehe. Well off to bed:) Nite

post by [Amy J] at 1:58 AM

Friday, December 21

I stopped by my grandmother earlier today with her presents as she's spending Xmas at my aunt in uncles away this year. I also gave her the fuzzy blue teddy I made and she absolutly loved it. I have most of another one done these make awesome gifts no one can resist a soft cuddly teddy can they? Anyways no time to crochet today had to work and run errands maybe tommorrow! Nite for now!

post by [Amy J] at 1:30 AM

Wednesday, December 19

Hi Went Xmas shopping tonight and finished up the rest! Did good I think last minutes shopping seems more expensive than the planned stuff but I did have a few bucks left and bought some really pretty yarn the newer stuff called "Clouds" it's really soft and fluffy thought I'd try to make a little pink teddy or bunny for my daughter hehehe who knows:) Just so pretty I couldn't resist bet it would make a beautiful scarf as well.. Maybe that's what I'll make with it:) Later

post by [Amy J] at 10:54 PM

Worked a little on another bear this morning got the ears done now just the body going shopping tonight maybe if I get home in time to watch star trek i'll do that then:) Off to shower while the babies nap:)

post by [Amy J] at 1:47 PM

Tuesday, December 18

Hi The more I've starred at the blue bear I made the more I love him. So I've started another one tonight while watching a Christmas special with the kids. I have 2 arms and the 2 legs done.. it sure goes fast! Don't think with working now i'm going to hit many goals guess i have to learn to not set such high ones! Off to bed Nite!

post by [Amy J] at 11:05 PM

Hi:) Busy busy i've been but not so much with the crochet hook! Plan on last minute Xmas shopping tommorrow! I finished up the Fuzzy Bear just had to put eyes on him for past few days. But hubby picked them up for me and I'm in love - He's gotta be my favorite now. How cute these are. Anyways I added pictures on the Photo's page Be sure to peek at them! Off for a nap I think sounds good at least!

post by [Amy J] at 2:36 PM

Monday, December 17

Hi:) I've started back working part time so havn't been online the past 2 weeks much at all:( Nor have I had much time to crochet. I Did finish up my fuzzy blue bear. He's so cute.. Oh My I can't even explain I just love him I plan on making many as these in the next months for gifts so fuzzy and cute I think. I made one other kitchen towel hanger as well and started in on another pillow a brown one with little flecks of color it's pretty more a crocheted cable stitch. Well Off to bed sure is late working evenings till 10-2am gets late and up with the babies soon so I'm off. Nite

post by [Amy J] at 1:07 AM

Thursday, December 6

Hi - Busy Day I'm starting a job.. this weekend. I've been stay at home mommy for so long it seems it will be weird. I'll be main/head bartender at a fancy supperclub on the lake. New owners are friends of mine and knew I've bartended/waitressed before so I took the job happily because it's night and weekends. The thing that's nice is that I'll still be home and able to enjoy my family durning the day and week and weekends won't be late past 10ish so I'll still have time with the hubby as well. This way We wont' have to put the little ones into daycare but 3 hours a week.

I'm very excited and a little nervous it's a big supper club seats about 350 people and I have this huge bar with like 10 different kinds of regular rum alone so it will be interesting to say! I know the basics but when it comes to wines and some of the fancy not so common drinks I may freak a little.hahah.. All in all I'm thinking it will go great!

With that starting I hope to keep up with my goals specially since christmas is coming. I made the legs and other arm for my fuzzy teddy but that's about it for today. big Birthday party planned for my son's 10th birthday tommorrow night. He invited several friends were doing the pizza party games cake and ice cream thing here at the house so will be fun!

I'm craving some snowflake time now so maybe i'll sit and watch the late show and make a couple! Bye for now

post by [Amy J] at 11:50 PM

Wednesday, December 5

Hi:) Yesterday I made another potholder and started in on a baby blue fuzzy bear pattern. I have the body and one arm done. Guess I'll work on that more for now. Not in the mood for thread the past few days. Funny how I have to switch every so often.

post by [Amy J] at 10:05 AM

Tuesday, December 4

I Finished up my hotpad tonight and made another dishcloth a yellow one my own pattern as well earlier today. I have to get serious with my work now as it's december. Didn't hit my goals for the week of course I set them a little high hoping.. but that OK:)

Here's What I did get done:

16 snowflakes
2 towel toppers
2 dishcloths
1 hotpad
2 knitted dishcloths
1/2 a pillow
1 crocheted handbag
1 thread coaster

I guess it looks like more now that I have it typed out.. not so bad still I think I need to speed up the towel toppers because I plan on giving these as gifs to all my aunts this year.. plus I will be mailing gifts as well and with the post office and xmas season I had better get them out by next week to get there in time.

Goals of this week:

6 more towel toppers
other 1/2 of pillow
another handbag
start another fuzzy bunny or teddy
hotpads... try for 2 or 3

OK off to bed Nite:)

post by [Amy J] at 12:13 AM

Monday, December 3

Crocheted a dishcloth and started in on another hot pad this morning. Maybe when kids lay down for nap here soon I'll finish the hot pad then I'm off to pick up the house.

post by [Amy J] at 12:38 PM

Hi:) Sunday another busy weekend. Guys all out deer hunting so just me and the two little ones all weekend not any time to sit. .just play play play.. hehe.. Did stay up a little tonight finished watching a movie on TV Christmas special movie and made another towel topper.. a butterfly one again sure love them. Finished up the knitting I started the other night won't start in on that again.. just to slow for me.

I received the Doily from Milly S form the crochet group I'm in. It sure is pretty, it's made of thread with pinnapples and hearts on the outside I sure love it and going to show it off:) [ Click Here ] to check out my items received page to see my exchanges:) She also sent some awesome angle christmas stickers I'll use for my scrapbook and a Bio of herself:) (which I love), and some candies and a neat christmas wreath to hang on the tree.. it's already there and now when I take out my christmas decorations every year I'll come across it and smile and remember Milly:)

post by [Amy J] at 12:13 AM

Sunday, December 2

Check out this site [ Free Snowflakes ] for 4 fantastic snowflake patterns... The patterns call for beads I've never crocheted beads into any of my snowflakes but these are so pretty I'm going to try it tommorrow if I can wait..haha

Can't decide which one is the prettiest as I like them all. Anyways found this site and fell in love.

post by [Amy J] at 12:34 AM

OK time for bed just checking email made some snowflakes again think I made about 5 or 6. But most of my free time tonight was working on that knitting. Like I said before I'm so slow at it. Just love it hoping will get better the more I do it.. what's the trick??? Maybe I should just stick to crocheting something I do much faster and love it:)

Nite for the day.

post by [Amy J] at 12:21 AM

Saturday, December 1

Last night I knitted 2 washcloths or dishrags whatever you call them. I learned to Knit back in High school I have 2 sets of needles but I really don't like it. I just can't get down the whole knitting thing I know the stitches (knit or purl) and to rib and a bind off but to get the string held right and holding the needles I don't know I feel like working in slow motion compared to holding a crochet hook:-)

Anyways because I like the feel of the knit washcloth I tried to make a few. Turned out a little uneven wish I was more comfortable knitting. I think maybe with more practice like this I can get better and faster. 1/2 the time I feel like I have to help the thread back over to the right needle.

I've only have 2 days now to complete my goals for the week. Kids are playing now maybe I'll sit for 30 minutes before dinner and work on one of them. bye for now

post by [Amy J] at 10:59 AM

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