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Friday, November 30

I Watched ER that I taped and worked on a crocheted handbag I'm going to use as a new makeup bag in my bathroom. Last year I made a bunch out of this pattern out of Red Nylon and Black and put in a decorative jar of my homemade Strawberry Jam.

I took a few photo's but I need to invest in a new camera as the pictures are not too clear. Go to my photo's page to view or just [ Click Here ] to go directly to the page.

post by [Amy J] at 1:24 AM

Thursday, November 29

Sad day today my Mother left for back home to Nashville. I and the kids and hubby sure will miss her but look forward already for the next time we can spend together:) Love you Mom.

Went shopping today and picked up a few more Christmas gifts I really need to get busy with my crochet projects I have plans to give all my aunts something this year hand made. I recorded ER maybe I'll sit down and watch it and work on a project:)

post by [Amy J] at 9:59 PM

Wednesday, November 28

Hi:) the snowflakes turned out beautiful almost want to keep them for my own tree... maybe next year I'm always giving everything away:) Mom's last day here she will be leaving Thursday back for home. We had early Xmas dinner over at my Grandma & pa's tonight. Not any time to sit and crochet today nor will I tommorrow either I sopose.

Thats OK nothing going on this weekend for once so sure I'll be able to finish some of these projects I need to do before Christmas:) Nite for now.

post by [Amy J] at 10:45 PM

Hi:) Snow snow snow had our 1st snow the past 24 hours and a storm at that.. about 10 inches I'd say with about 1 1/2 inches of rain before this past weekend. You'd think staying indoors I'd have more time to crochet but havn't had much time with the kids and Josh home from school being cancelled.

I did startch several of the snowflakes I've made up the past week tonight. They look so pretty all over my table laying out. Now to decide who gets what and how many. I did about 12 tonight before I ran out of pins to block them with. I started in on a Pillow I bought from Annie's attic awhile ago . A leaflet of 11 pillows to crochet. I sure love them.

I know I should be working on my Christmas gifts but think since this is new I'll make a pillow for the new curtains for my sons room. My Mom visiting sewed some really neat curtains for Josh's room. A pillow would accent the prints nicely I think. Plus I don't have any yarn projects going on at the moment. Of course I have several of those I should do but this is a nice change.

Well off to bed Nite:)

post by [Amy J] at 12:13 AM

Monday, November 26

::My Goals for the Week::

Now that Christmas is up and coming I need to get busy: I figure if I set some goals it may make it easier to complete.. or I'm going to try.

2 More Potholders
At least 2 More Towel Toppers
Snowflakes set of 6 or 12 as many as can
Crocheted Blue soft Teddy
Another Angel Dishcloth

OK it's not so realistic I think I can... we'll see

post by [Amy J] at 12:27 AM

Sunday, November 25

HI:) Weekends are crazy with kids and hubby all home not much time to myself to sit and crochet but instead busy having fun with them. Got the tree and lights up now looks all great! Worked on more snowflakes #92 out of the 101 snowflake book plan on making six of these as well or more. Sopose I better hit the towel toppers good this week as well If I want to get all my Christmas gifts done in time for Christmas.

Off to bed for now!

post by [Amy J] at 10:28 PM

OK:) I finished up my Angel Dishcloth the other day and have to get busy and make another as both my mom and grandma would like one. They say there too pretty to use. The one I've made seems like would be a nice dishcloth!

Here's a link with a picture to that website where I got the pattern, Guess I'm going to start in and make another Bye for now.

This site also has some other patterns click click [ Angel Dishcloth ] to go to the page~ Amy

post by [Amy J] at 11:00 AM

Friday, November 23

Oh Yeah & The snowflakes I made today was #90 out of the 101 Snowflakes book. I'm thinking of making like 12 each of one pattern. Love that once you get pattern down takes only 8-10 minutes to make one! Just starching and pinning them out will take time.. I'm just bagging them up together and marked the bag with which one I'm making so I can look back at picture when I start to block them. Don't know what I'm going to do with them all. When to Country Cornor store that sells some crafts with Antiques today and they were selling tiny snowflakes smaller than these for $2.75 a piece and $3.50 for the ones this size.. Crazy I thought for 10-15 minutes of work:) Anyways I figure I'll make sets and maybe can pass them out for Christmas !

Just love snowflakes maybe next year I'll make goal throughout year to make enough to decorate up my own Christmas tree! I always think a little snowflake on the top of a gift was neat idea also little extra to the gift that way!

post by [Amy J] at 10:59 PM

Hi:) Good day made a few snowflakes this morning and going to start on a few more here before bed after checking my messages. Then maybe starting saturday or sunday I'm going to crochet another little fuzzy country bunny for my grandma. She came over yesterday and was in love! So glad to make her one! My Mom's still visiting us from Nashville so plan on spending as much time as can with her next few days before she leaves! Bye for now

post by [Amy J] at 10:55 PM

Morning. Whipped up 5 snowflakes this morning while kids watched Sesame Street. I decided to do 12 snowflakes of one pattern then move on to another. This way I get the pattern down right away and easy to do then.

I have the 101 Snowflakes I bought it about 5 years ago I think at Walmart I just love it but have seen new ones I would love to get as well. I wonder how many of the 101 I have made. Guess I Should have kept track would be kinda fun to see now.

post by [Amy J] at 9:50 AM

Hi I'm back.. Crocheted a while finished up a snow flake but nothing good on TV so I popped back online and finished up my links to the rest of this journal. Click on the side or top to get to my other pages.. For example.. Pictures of my work just click on Photo's or want to learn more about me .. click on about me and so on.

Well Midnight now after a crazy busy day I'm off to bed!

post by [Amy J] at 12:09 AM

Thursday, November 22

HI Happy Thanksgiving:) I worked on a few snowflakes yesterday made 2 1/2 plan on sitting down after the busy day to make a few more here soon. I had Thanksgiving here at home today. And we put the christmas tree up as well tonight! Sure looks great!

Well I'm off to watch some TV and crochet everyone else is in bed so it's just me!

post by [Amy J] at 10:02 PM

Tuesday, November 20

About time for bed. Getting ready to have everyone over here for thanksgiving so not much time to sit, but did get a little done on another flower potholder. I also bought some buttons for my fuzzy bunnies eyes also and sewed them on.. She's so cute !

2 Days until Turkey:) Using the turkey JOsh won playing Bingo one night. Starting a new job Next week I'm pretty excited! Night

post by [Amy J] at 11:36 PM

Monday, November 19

Finished up my dishcloth angel tonight:) Sure is cute

post by [Amy J] at 11:33 PM

Hi:) Thought I would link a few of my favorite crochet links here and there throught my journal.. Here's one of my favorites.. it has links too all kinds of sites with all kinds of projects a must see Crochet & Craft Link Index

Well Off to bed:) Nite

post by [Amy J] at 12:48 AM

Sunday, November 18

I'm I a terrific crochet group Click here to visit... Yahoo! Groups AtMyHouse anyways the people in this group are so friendly and nice and helpful I just love it. I've learned things already and found lots of neat helpful patterns as well. I joined this months Doily, snowflake and granny square exchanges as well!

Sure is fun. Had to work tonight no time to crochet.. so busy on weekends plus having mom here is so great!

post by [Amy J] at 1:53 AM

Saturday, November 17

HI:) Saturday already... this week sure went fast. Didn't get but a few minutes it seemed to crochet yesterday. And I have to work tonight so doubt I'll get much time to do any today. Weekends are so busy and my cousin's baby gets baptised tommorrow morning and after were having an early thanksgiving with them after church.

Turkey week is Here!!!

post by [Amy J] at 10:17 AM

Friday, November 16

Busy weekend coming up.. so I'm off to do some laundry. No time to crochet yet today:(

post by [Amy J] at 11:55 AM

Thursday, November 15

My Mom is here from Nashville for 2 week visit:) So glad to have her here with us over Thanksgiving Holiday! Pretty Busy visiting and playing with the babies my crochet volume will slow down for a couple weeks I'm sure as I'm enjoying this time with my mom.

Here's A link to my brothers site VISIT This site [ Mullendhalies ] it's my brothers band;) Crocheting dishcloth angle things.. so cute!

post by [Amy J] at 9:48 PM

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